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  • The decision to try reiki is a very personal one and many times it can cause hesitation or fear of what might be buried deep inside coming to the surface.  Naglaa calms those fears the minute you walk into her studio and you are immediately put at ease.   I started seeing Naglaa during a very emotionally unsteady time.  My heart had endured significant trauma and I was unsure of myself and how to move forward.   After consistently seeing her I had a renewed outlook on life and had begun the road to healing.   It’s not just a one person job – you need to be open and willing to put the work in.  I started to see progress in leaps and bounds.  For whatever the reason may be, I highly recommend giving reiki a try as way to a sound mind, body and soul.  ~ Sarah- RI

  • It was such difficult time for me when I knew that i had to go through surgery ! I was stressed, depressed and nerve wrecked ! By pure accident Naglaa and I met when she came in a quick visit to Alexandria. it was the first time that i hear about Reiki and its effect. After my Reiki session with Naglaa, I went back home a totally a different person- so peaceful and serene ! A month later, right before my surgery, Naglaa started sending me distant Reiki! During and after theses sessions, I felt so serene and they helped me regain my composure and self balance! On the day of the surgery, unlike my usual anxiety, I was so quiet and calm and I knew deep inside that I will be o.k! that day, Naglaa spent the day sending me Reiki to help me through that day! After my surgery, Naglaa kept sending me distant Reiki which helped me a lot in overcoming the depression that usually happens after surgery! It felt good to be composed, self-assured and able to deal with life peacefully ! I felt really blessed and secure ! ~ Wagd- Alexandria, Egypt.

  • My Session with Naglaa left me with a sense of clarity and comfort. She took the time to help me relax and really embrace the entire process of Reiki. Naglaa is the best! ~ Sophia-CA

  • What a wonderful resource, that I highly recommend! As women we some times forget to replenish ourselves. We eagerly give to those we love but some times forget that we also need what we give. This a great way to treat and replenish yourself! ~ Leisa- RI