Reiki Energy Balancing and Clearing Sessions for Therapists (set of four 90-Minute sessions)  $325

Therapists are exposed daily to a barrage of emotions from their patients that can leave them energetically weighed  down. Reiki and intuitive energy healing sessions help remove negative energy debris from your aura and renew your energy.

Grief Assistance Reiki Sessions (set of four 60 minute sessions)  $250

Reiki has a gentle relief effect that could be of great assistance to those who have just lost a loved one or who are going through divorce or separation.

Speed Up Injury Recovery Sessions (package of three 60 minute sessions)  $190

Reiki and intuitive energy healing can help speed up your physical injury recovery and reduce pain naturally. Regular price for three sessions $210

Individual Energy Consultation  $60

Schedule an appointment with Naglaa to get an overview of the health of your energetic field and discuss ways to gain and maintain balance.

Anxiety Reduction and Relaxation Session (90 minutes) $90

During this session, a client will receive a Karuna Reiki treatment to help balance and clear energy blockages causing anxiety.


Usui & Karuna Holy Fire Reiki is a gentle, hands-on therapeutic technique that relieves stress, promotes balance and harmony, and supports your own healing process. This ancient and sacred healing art creates a deeply meditative and restorative experience for body, mind, and spirit. A non-invasive treatment, Reiki is done fully clothed and is appropriate for conditions ranging from fatigue to allergies, anxiety, to headaches. It is an effective stand-alone therapy as well as an excellent complement to other healing modalities.


Relax, rejuvinate, heal, & transform your life with DAVINA.

Davina Holistic Center

Reiki Packages

Chakra Evaluation and Balancing Session (60-90 minutes)  $90

During this session, a client will receive: a thorough analysis of their chakras, a Reiki treatment to balance and clear energy blockages, and helpful tools to maintain the health and balance of the chakras.

Stress Reduction Session (30 minutes) $45

A 30-minute of Energy Clearing to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Sessions are by appointment only. Please click on the PayPal Button next to each item to pay with credit card then call/text (401)556-3643 or email us at to book your session.