Relax, rejuvinate, heal, & transform your life with DAVINA.

Chakra Healing Candles

Davina Holistic Center

Photos Courtesy of Crystal Bui

I created Davina candles so everyone can experience the benefits of Reiki in the comfort of their own home. These candles are great for meditation and prayer.  All you need is a comfortable spot accompanied by the Davina Chakra Reiki Charged Candle of your choice and your pure intention.  Voila! You have the perfect environment to connect and heal all areas of your life.

As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I lovingly infuse Reiki and sincere prayers into each and every candle with a specific affirmation to benefit and enhance the related Chakra as well as call on all the Divine assistance you need in bringing about your highest good.

- Davina candles are handmade in small batches using proprietary blend of soy wax and natural oils lovingly chosen to compliment the scents of each Chakra.

- Davina Candles herbal fragrance brings you a sense of relaxation and well-being, but never overwhelm or distract you. The scent works as a peaceful background enhancement to your environment.

-All of Davina candles are created in white to represent spiritual purity and peacefulness.

- Each and every Davina candle in your purchase is individually infused prior to shipment with a specific prayer just for you.

May every Davina candle you purchase usher the best of luck, light, and love to your life.